“The only space”

The official name of Paju Book City is “Paju Publishing Culture, Information and National Industrial Park”. 띄어쓰기 It is the only national cultural and industrial complex designated by the government and led by the private sector for the development of the publishing and cultural industries.

“Harmonious publishing community”

The city was established by meaningful publishers for 30 years with the aim of developing self-directed cultural response capabilities in the 21st century and modernizing the irrational publishing distribution structure. 띄어쓰기 It was not developed in a top-down fashion by the government, but in a new concept as "pure private-sector publishing and cultural industry complex” that harmonizes books, architecture, culture and nature. 띄어쓰기 Also under the value of "making good books in a good space”, the city was established as part of a cooperative project between modern business system and traditional Korean community ethics.

“an eco-friendly cultural space”

The city is established by the residents themselves by abiding its development plans, building design guidelines, landscape guidelines, signboards, and outdoor promotional materials guidelines. 띄어쓰기 The biggest goal of the city is to significantly develop the publishing and cultural industry in South Korea by bringing together the entire process from publishing planning and editing to printing, logistics and distribution. 띄어쓰기 It is also an eco-friendly cultural space that breathes nature and is full of architectural beauty to show the world.

“Will be...”

Although its character is different from famous book villages such as Hayonwai of Wales, Belgium's Lehdu, and Breadboat of the Netherlands, it will become a world-class publishing city as well as a publishing and cultural development of Korea through continuous exchanges with these cities.